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Defiance – TJ Foltz

The natural order is our jail.
Stuck somewhere in time and space
On a lowly forward monorail;
Just caught up in another race 

To hear the cry of a soul 
A thousand years after conception 
Is to learn we have a tool 
To reach beyond our perception

To separate ourselves from cattle 
We make music from our brays 
The stage of our greatest battle 
Is the same as our grandest plays 

Creating is our weapon It’s how we win the fight 
How we reach passed heaven And avoid that good night 
Art is our grand defiance Not against man but fate 
Without we sit in compliance Of our inevitable state 

Show the future your reflection, 
So far away they may learn 
That we swore rejection 
Of fate trapped in urn 

Write down and savor 
Some tales of great valor 
To make a world braver 
In the face of great power

Send out your lore!
Pass down your pain!
They’ll hear your roar 
Long after you’re slain

In defiance of time 
Share with the rest 
Your love of rhyme 
Your worst and best 

Be proud of your revolt 
In a way it’s all you got 
It’s the only record they’ll consult 
Showing how hard you fought 

For those yet blinded by cage 
Do you yet hold rebellion? 
Have you quelled your mortal rage? 
When will it finally be enough?
Do you hate the songs of the morning birds
Because they wake you up?