A moment

You’ll make me forget it, for a moment
The shadow behind the door, the dark in the sky hiding between the stars and reaching in to snatch away what’s left of the warmth in your brow.

But I’ll dive into our false forever;  in the gaps amidst your heartbeats spindling an eternity in your veins; I’ll pull the covers over my head and conceal the last sparks of our eyes from the hungry abyss above.

These sweet assurences may fall from my mouth but they’re so much sweeter from your tongue
so why don’t you lie to me
My love, there are only two ways this ends and I’m terrified of both
so lie to me
tell me all your new favorite ways, to lie to me
that no one could judge me,
that this pain is just the result of growing beyond it
and, a personal favorite, that it will all be okay

and for this moment I’ll believe you

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